Almost like an order that's available for immediate delivery: Due to our exclusive partnerships we offer our customers the option of purchasing current branded bulk items from various categories of goods for an extraordinary price/performance ratio with the consent of the brands. Due to large numbers of pieces that are available immediately, repeat orders can also be made as a rule until further notice and therefore you can plan accordingly.

We supply do-it-yourself shops, cash and carry shops, discounters, purchasing associations, hypermarkets, shopping-communities, shopping channels and chains from the most diverse sectors with our bulk items. New bulk items are added regularly. We will be delighted to send you a current summary of the available offers upon request..

Buying is and continues to be a matter of trust! All offerings can be delivered immediately. The merchandise offered is free of restrictions, 100% negotiable in the EU area and free from third-party rights. We will inform you of any possible restrictions for every new offer with details in each case